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Sit in a Different Chair

My mother texted me at 2:30 this afternoon, “Are you free to talk?” I knew it would be bad. I’d felt her radio silence over the past couple of weeks, felt her abruptness as she mentioned a trip to the ER with my dad but said little else. So I said yes, call me. “Before […]

Endings and Beginnings

By most standards, today should have felt momentous. It was the last workshop day of our six-month, 300-hour YogaWorks Professional Program training, the last time we would all meet together at the Larchmont studio to learn. At any other time in my life, I probably would have cried. I definitely shed some tears at the end […]

The Yoga of Grief

Generally I shy away from reminders that my dad is slowly dying. Avoiding thinking about him makes it easier for me to function, to maintain my bright and shiny yoga teacher persona. When I do think about him, I crumble. I relapse into the kind of primal, uncontrollable weeping that seems like it may never […]

Goin’ Back to Cali – 1 week later

Tonight marks a full week since we completed our road trip from Philadelphia to Los Angeles. And my, what a week it’s been. I knew the transition would be difficult (again with the expectations!), but it’s hard to imagine until you’re actually in the thick of it. We’ve been driving all over the city to […]

Off the Road – Landing in LA

The last couple days are kind of a blur. I don’t remember much from the last two days of driving, aside from the mountains in New Mexico and Arizona being really tough to climb with the Subie and the trailer. We splurged on a Red Roof Inn in Gallup, NM instead of a Motel 6 […]

On the Road – Day 3

We got a little later start than I’d hoped yesterday; we were scrambling to get out of the motel by 11. While I was getting the dogs ready and packing our stuff, Mike walked over to Waffle House to get us scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, grits and biscuits. It was kind of nice to be able […]

On the Road – Day 2

Yesterday was long, but fairly uneventful. We worked our way down Highway 81 to Tennessee, and took a nice long dinner break in Lebanon, just outside Knoxville. We’ve mostly been living on snacks we bought at Whole Foods in Philly – trail mix, granola, tuna, cheese and avocado and tomato sandwiches – and I was […]

On the Road – Philly to LA, Day 1

It’s difficult to approach a cross-country move without a set of expectations. I try to be open to whatever may come, but I also like to be prepared for the worst. So far, this trip has already thrown a surprise or two our way. We didn’t get on the road until 4:30 yesterday afternoon, after […]

Empty, Clean and Bare – Beauty and the Yoga Teacher

“Girls are crazy,” said my friend, rolling his eyes. A few of us were getting ready for class the night before a photo shoot designated for yogis with tattoos, and a female teacher friend and were discussing wardrobe and posture options. And as so often happens in woman-to-woman conversation, I found myself doing a little […]

On Attachment

Although there are plenty of reasons to be apprehensive about a cross-country move (see: no job, no apartment, no friends), what’s causing me the most grief lately is the thought of leaving my Philly yoga community. Young yoga teachers learn a lot in training about non-attachment. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali tell us that when we […]