Private & Corporate Yoga

Whether you’re new to yoga, working with injuries/limitations or simply looking to deepen your existing practice, private and small group sessions can help to build strength and confidence. From gentle stretching and breathing exercises to powerful Vinyasa flow, Molly will address your specific needs at home, office or studio.

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“Molly is an amazing yoga teacher!!  As a beginner, she was open, welcoming and always made me comfortable.  She has a great spirit and an old soul!  Her yoga instruction flows seamlessly.  She gives detailed instruction on body position, weight and poses so that even novices can follow and improve.  She makes yoga simple, even though it is not!  I have been practicing now over a year and Molly was my first teacher.  I owe so much to Molly!  Yoga has changed me for the better!  Thanks, Molly!”
Joseph Centeno, Partner, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

“I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for a few years and I’ve always felt like my alignment, core and upper body are areas requiring focus and strength; Molly’s teaching style zeroed in on those areas right away. I was preparing for my own journey with yoga, a trip to India I’d been planning for almost a year and I wasn’t as prepared as I’d hoped to be, so I purchased three private lessons to help me focus and overcome these areas of weakness. I am so happy that I did. The amount of growth I made in three hours was phenomenal. I not only felt better about my yoga practice, I also felt much more at ease with my plan of going to India and practicing there. Molly as a one-on-one instructor was the best investment I’ve made in my practice in a very long time. It was amazing to have a teacher-student dynamic that encouraged my personal growth in key areas. For me, yoga is more than a practice – it goes deeper and becomes something personal and profound. Molly is an excellent guide as you go through you process and work through your challenges. If you’re looking for a teacher to help you establish yourself in your practice, worth through areas you feel weak or just connect with in a more direct and interactive way, I can’t recommend her highly enough.”
Maureen Brackey, ASW, CDVC

“As someone with a Science education. I can humbly say, I stand on the shoulder of giants. When one, discovers or invents, we all benefit. Humanity is thrust, further along, it’s evolutionary course.
In Yoga, a physical but yet spiritual practice. It really is a solo journey of self discovery and actualization of a higher version of oneself.
And yet that path, can be made much  more accessible given the right teachings.
Learning from Molly, has sculpted my body, allowed my true self to shine, and challenged me to produce extraordinary results that I deemed were out of reach.”
Aman Tiwana, American Water